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About Rahyab Tamin Company

The increasing extension and development of technology around the world and high capability of Iran in industrial tendency indicates necessity of appropriate and proportionate equipment utilization in industry more than ever. Rail transportation industry is one of the growing industries among existing ones in Iran that requires artisans’ specific consideration. RahyabTaminTajhizat Company has taken action to supply engineering in various engineering sectors specially rail transportation industry. In this regard this company has started to work in the fields of consultancy study and design in rail transportation, signing the memorandum of understanding with number of professional industrial factories and also contracting with several successful international manufacturing companies in order to achieve these objectives: -Manufacturing engineering segments in various industries specially rail transportation industry -Supplying various engineering products and goods by representation of best companies in the world -Exportation of products to neighbor countries and other countries -Industrial consultancy to respectable clients and purchasers.

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